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Other websites and media reporting on CoHousing and related issues will be listed here.

 31. Mar 2020

Intentional Communities / Seniors

Originally written by Jared Bray and published on Next City, the article stresses the effects of the covid19 outbreak for seniors citizens, overall more likely to experience isolation and the related challenges.

 21. May 2020
 19. Feb 2020

Ownership Structures / Housing Markets

Valerie Schloredt writes about the failure of city governments in the United States and plans against a systematic gentrification.

 15. May 2020
 21. Apr 2020

Ownership Structures / Housing Markets

Welchen qualitativen Mehrwert schaffen selbstorganisierte Berliner Wohnprojekte in nicht-spekulativen Eigentumsstrukturen in ihren Nachbarschaften und welches Potential haben sie als Schwarm kleinteiliger Akteure für die gesamtstädtische Produktion dauerhaft leistbaren Wohnraums?

 14. May 2020
 09. May 2020

Finances / Housing Markets

Nicolas Šustr schreibt im Neuen Deutschland über sogenannte Schattenmieten und die Umgehung und Missachtung des Mietendeckels in Berlin.

 13. May 2020
 10. Mar 2020

Families / Intentional Communities

Originally published on Flagstaff Business News, the article describes the initial phases of a co-housing project taking shape in Flagstaff, featuring interviews with prospective residents on what additional values they see in co-housing compared with other forms of habitation.

 04. May 2020
 29. Feb 2020

Ownership Structures / Housing Markets

The article, written by David J. Thompson and originally published on Coop-News discusses the alternative solutions that New York and Toronto are experimenting with when facing soaring prices of the housing markets which are pushing away the workforce.

 04. May 2020
 09. Mar 2020

Ownership Structures / Housing Markets

Written by Tom Llewellyn and originally published on Shareable, the article reports on the activity of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative (EBPREC) by featuring an interview with its executive director, Noni Session.

 04. May 2020

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