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Welcome to our platform for networks, trends and ideas for all forms of collaborative housing, sharing and living. Berlin has a rich tradition, culture and contemporary scene in the area of self-organized and cooperative planning, building, living and working. Approximately 1,000 buildings and groups over the last 40 years have made Berlin a worldwide center for CoHousing. We would like to share this wealth with you! Discover what the CoHousing idea can do. For yourself and your city. But what exactly is CoHousing? [Read more]


A brief take on Canada's first cohousing for senior citizens.


This pathbreaking 'by women for women' cohousing project in North London is designed to include women above 50 and focuses on the ideas of sharing and supporting each other to reduc


An article which gives a brief take on the differences between houses construcuted by private developers and houses built by the cohousing model


An article by the Irish Times on affordable housing schemes and the cohousing sector in the city of Dublin.


This article speaks about Britain’s first cohousing scheme specifically designed for the senior citizens as well as the role of government in stengthening cohousing intiatives in th


An innovative coliving enterprise stared by Real Estate developer Troy Evans.



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Angebote im Konzeptverfahren Bölschestraße 119 zur Vergabe eines Erbbaurechts am Grundstück sind bis 26.09.2019, 10:00 Uhr, in elektronischer Form auf der Vergabeplattform des L

Wir wollen gemeinsam mit Planer:innen, Expert:innen und Interessierten aus der Stadtgesellschaft Fragestellungen zur Vertiefung des laufenden B-Plan-Verfahrens am Haus der

Mich begeistert an Soziokratie die Verbindung von ALLE gestalten mit und Effizienz.

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein zum ersten Treffen für das neue Baugruppenprojekt im Seenland Oder-Spree bei Beeskow! Das Grundstück ist bereits gesichert.

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