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Welcome to our platform for networks, trends and ideas for all forms of collaborative housing, sharing and living. Berlin has a rich tradition, culture and contemporary scene in the area of self-organized and cooperative planning, building, living and working. Approximately 1,000 buildings and groups over the last 40 years have made Berlin a worldwide center for CoHousing. We would like to share this wealth with you! Discover what the CoHousing idea can do. For yourself and your city. But what exactly is CoHousing? [Read more]


The issue of land and property is once again being discussed at the German federal level.


Since the start of 2018, EU funding has been awarded to a network of housing initiatives to study, publicize and support the growth of Community Land Trusts in European cities.

The association of 25 young Berlin cooperatives is working to provide more affordable housing and through this to make a significant contribution to a city of solidarity and inclusion.

Comparing CoHousing strategies from all over Europe to Ireland´s actual housing market and its barriers.


Der Berliner Senat will mit einer neuen Wohnungs- Tauschbörse den Zugang zu bezahlbaren Wohnungen ermöglichen.



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Herzliche Einladung zum vierten Info-Treffen:  Dort werden wir das Projekt und die Besonderheiten einer Baugruppe ausführlich vorstellen und auf alle Fragen eingehen.

Auf einer Reise durch das „Innere Haus“ sammeln wir Gedanken und Hinweise, wie der Auf­­bruch aus den Häusern der Erinnerung leicht gelingen kann.

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